The Best Insurance Live Transfer Leads Programs

Live transfer leads is a lead generation method that allows insurance salespeople to connect with potential customers in real time. This can be a useful tool for sales representatives looking to reach a wider audience and make more sales!

In this article, we will discuss how live-transfer leads work, benefits, drawbacks, legal and ethical concerns, and some tips I have found helpful in my career as an insurance representative. Live leads are also called warm transfer leads, so remember that as we get into it!

Best Live Transfer Leads Companies For Insurance Agents

Insurance Live Transfer Leads

I’ve used so many different services while building my insurance book of business, including live transfer lead service. Here’s a list of some of the top companies in the space for you to consider!

LiveTransfers.comLive Transfers offers live transfer leads for various insurance products, including life, health, and auto insurance. They generate leads through telemarketing and provide them to insurance agents in real-time. provides live transfer leads for life, health, and medicare. They use a variety of methods to generate leads, including online advertising and telemarketing, and offer a range of packages and pricing options. generates leads for car insurance. They generate leads through online advertising and tele-marketing, and provide them to insurance agents. provides live transfer leads for auto, life, health, and home insurance. They generate leads through telemarketing and provide them to insurance agents in real time. They also offer a range of packages and pricing options.

When starting my insurance agency I purchased $1,200 worth of live transfer leads per month through Every month the agency (having one producer who answer the phone and sold) produced close to $100,000 worth of P&C premiums!

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How Live Transfer Leads Benefit Insurance Salespeople?

Live transfer leads can be an effective marketing strategy. I know because I used them to grow my agency when starting! If you want to learn how to grow your insurance book of business, check out the following chart on why live transfer leads can be beneficial to your business.

Pre-Qualified LeadsLive transfer leads are typically pre-qualified, meaning that the prospect has already expressed an interest in the product or service offered. This can save time and increase the chances of making a sale.
Higher Conversion RatesBecause the prospect is already interested and engaged, the conversion rate is often higher for live transfer leads than traditional leads.
Greater FlexibilityLive transfer leads can be transferred to a salesperson anytime, allowing for greater flexibility and the ability to respond to leads in real time. This can be especially useful for salesmen who work remotely or have a flexible schedule.
Enhanced Customer ExperienceLive transfer leads can provide a more personalized and seamless customer experience.

There Are Several Other Potential Benefits To Using Live Transfer Leads For Insurance Sales:

  1. Increased Efficiency: By connecting with potential customers in real time, insurance salespeople can potentially save time and increase their efficiency. This can be especially useful for salespeople who are working on a commission-based model and looking to maximize their income.
  1. Wider Audience: Live transfer leads can allow insurance salespeople to reach a wider audience and generate more leads. This can be especially useful for salespeople who are new to the industry or looking to expand their client base.
  1. Personalization: Live transfer leads can allow salespeople to engage with potential customers in real time. By asking questions and listening to the individual’s needs, salespeople can tailor their sales pitch and increase their chances of success.

It’s important to keep in mind that live transfer leads may not always be accurate or up-to-date and may include individuals who are not interested in purchasing insurance but it’s less likely to happen when compared to shared leads or non-exclusive leads (saving you money in the long-run and increasing your overall ROI).

The Ethics Of Live Transfer Leads

Employing live transfer leads gives rise to ethical concerns, particularly regarding privacy and consent. It is crucial for salespeople to be aware of these issues and take measures to uphold the privacy of prospective customers.

Privacy: Live transfer leads include personal information about potential customers, such as their names and phone numbers. It’s important for insurance salespeople to respect the privacy of these individuals and to use the information provided by the lead responsibly. This includes not sharing the information with third parties or using it for any purpose other than contacting the potential customer about insurance.

Consent: It’s important for insurance salespeople to obtain consent before transferring the call of a potential customer. This includes respecting any preferences or requests the individual may have regarding how they are contacted and the frequency of contact. It’s a good idea to provide potential customers with an opt-out option, such as a way to unsubscribe from future calls.

By respecting the privacy and consent of potential customers, insurance salespeople can build trust and establish long-term relationships with their clients. 

To ensure compliance, it is advisable to adhere to industry best practices and guidelines while utilizing live transfer leads, and to maintain transparency about the utilization of lead-provided information. Additionally, ensure that your sales team is current with the DNC (Do Not Call) registry to avoid potential fines.

The use of live transfer leads for insurance sales is subject to various legal considerations, including the Do Not Call Registry and other regulations. These legal considerations are important to understand as an insurance salesperson to ensure you are following the law when using live transfer leads. 

Legal ImplicationDescription
Telemarketing LawsConsent before making a call, maintaining a do-not-call list, and disclosing certain information at the beginning of the call.
Privacy LawsConsent before collecting or using personal information, protecting personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure, and providing individuals with access to their personal information.
Data Protection LawsConsent before transferring personal data, ensuring that the data is transferred securely, and only transferring data to countries that provide adequate protection.

Do Not Call Registry: The Do Not Call Registry is a national database of phone numbers individuals have registered to opt-out of receiving telemarketing calls. It’s illegal for insurance salespeople to call numbers on the Do Not Call Registry without the individual’s prior written consent. Salespeople should check the Do Not Call Registry before transferring a live transfer lead and respect any preferences or requests the individual may have regarding how they are contacted.

Other Regulations: There may be other legal considerations when using live transfer leads for insurance sales, depending on the location and circumstances. For example, state or local laws may regulate the use of live transfer leads or telemarketing practices. It’s a good idea for insurance salespeople to familiarize themselves with these laws and ensure that they follow them when using live transfer leads.

By following the law and obtaining any necessary permission before using live transfer leads for insurance sales, insurance salespeople can protect themselves and their clients from legal issues.

If there are concerns or doubts regarding the legal implications of using live transfer leads, it is advisable to seek advice from a legal professional. It is recommended to consult a professional for a second opinion, particularly when expanding call center or insurance agency operations that rely on leads. The investment is worthwhile.

Alternatives To Live Transfer Leads

Live transfer leads can be an effective marketing strategy. However, this method may not be the best method for your business. Here are a few alternatives that I’ve used as a licensed insurance agent (and they work too)!

Live Transfer Lead AlternativeDescription
Traditional LeadsTraditional leads are generated through various methods such as direct mail, online advertising, trade shows, or referrals. These leads may require additional follow-up efforts to convert them into customers.
Lead Generation CompaniesLead generation companies provide businesses with leads generated through various methods, such as online advertising or telemarketing. These leads may be less qualified than live transfer leads.
Inbound MarketingInbound marketing involves attracting potential customers through content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. This can effectively generate leads without the need for cold calling or other outbound marketing efforts.
ReferralsReferrals can be an effective way to generate leads, as they come from a trusted source. This can increase the chances of making a sale and help build trust and credibility.

Some other alternatives I recommend based on my experience as an insurance salesperson are:

  1. Online Marketing (SEO): Insurance salespeople can use online marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, to reach potential customers. By creating a website or social media presence and utilizing targeted advertising, salespeople can reach a wider audience and generate leads without relying on live transfer leads. This is exactly what we do with this website ( We focus on quality content to create authority and reputation amongst insurance consumers and peers!
  1. Referral Networks: Insurance salespeople can also build referral networks by cultivating relationships with other professionals and businesses. By providing good service and building trust, salespeople can encourage others to refer potential customers their way.
  1. Networking Events: Attending industry events and networking with other professionals can be a good way for insurance salespeople to build relationships and find potential leads. Salespeople can make connections and exchange business cards with other professionals, or join industry groups or associations to find potential leads.

Although each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages, they can prove beneficial for insurance salespeople seeking to ethically and selectively reach prospective customers. It is recommended to explore various options and determine the most suitable approach for your business.


Although live transfer leads can be an effective marketing strategy, they often raise issues over privacy and consent. Salespeople need to understand these concerns to take the proper steps to respect the customer’s privacy.

I’ve had tons of success with QuoteWizard’s live transfer lead program. My agency was able to write a lot of business in a quick time but watch out for retention issues as live-transfer leads are usually people who are considered “shoppers” and will shop your rates after one or two renewals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do live transfer leads cost on average?

The average price for live transfers leads is between $15-$25 depending upon the company you work with. Lead companies often run specials and promotional discounts that can get these costs down even further.

Are live transfer leads any good?

Live transfer leads are some of the highest converting leads. For the money, live transfer lead’s ROI is also the highest when compared to shared leads and cold-calling.

What are live transfers leads in insurance?

Live transfer leads are leads where an operator from a lead company has a potential client on the phone and “patches” them through to an insurance agent to begin talking with the “lead”, or potential client, immediately to hopefully make a sale.

What’s a great price for live transfer leads?

A great price for live transfer leads are leads priced below $20. The industry standard is between $15-$25 for live transfer leads and if you can find them in that price, then it’s a fair deal.