Can I Sell Insurance From Home?

Selling insurance is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. A common question those considering an insurance may have is whether or not you can sell insurance from home. You can sell insurance from your home, but there are special requirements and considerations you’ll need to account for. 

Can I Sell Insurance From Home?

As a licensed insurance agent, I am often asked by those interested in selling insurance about whether or not they can do it from home. In short, you absolutely can, however, there are requirements and considerations you need to take into account before doing so. In this article, we’ll discuss state licensing requirements for selling insurance from home, your home office set-up and compliance, how to build a home based insurance business, and marketing a sales strategies for selling insurance from home. Let’s get started! 

Article at a Glance
Information on the specific requirements for obtaining a license to sell insurance from home in different states
Tips and guidelines for setting up a compliant home office for selling insurance
Advice on how to start and grow a successful home-based insurance business
Methods for effectively marketing and selling insurance from a home-based business
Final thoughts and recommendations on selling insurance from home

State Licensing Requirements For Selling Insurance From Home

As an insurance agent, I understand that selling insurance from home is attractive for many reasons, however, there are state licensing requirements you need to know and understand before selling insurance from home.

It is important to note that every state has their own regulations and requirements for insurance agents. 

Some companies require agents to have a physical office location, while others allow for virtual or remote offices. It is important to check with your state’s insurance department to understand the specific requirements.

When I started my business, I found it harder to get appointment with some carriers because I ran the office out of my home.

So, the state doesn’t have any issues (usually) with insurance agents working out of their homes, it’s the carriers! Make sure to discuss your office arrangement with any carriers you are considering getting appointed with.

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Home Office Set-Up And Compliance

As an insurance professional, I think it is important to know that if you sell insurance from home, you do not have access to an office that is set up to the same degree that you would if you worked at an agency.

When selling insurance from home, it’s important to ensure that you meet all state and federal regulations regarding home office set-up and compliance. 

This includes having a dedicated space for your insurance business, proper insurance coverage for your home office, and adhering to any relevant privacy and data security laws.

If you’re handling personal and sensitive information, such as client’s personal and financial information, you’ll need to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) standards for data privacy and security.

This is a huge one. Make sure to protect your client’s data. Although you are working from home, doesn’t mean you can be lazy with client informaton!

Another important aspect of home office set-up is to make sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your business.

This may include liability insurance for your home office, as well as any additional coverage required by your state or federal regulations.

Building A Home-Based Insurance Business

As an independent insurance agent, I can personally tell you that starting a home-based business is a great way to take control of your career and income (I DID IT!), but it’s important to know this is not easy.

Building a home-based business requires hard work and dedication. 

Here Are My Top Tips For Building A Successful Home-Based Insurance Business:

  • Develop A Business Plan: A business plan will help you outline your goals, target market, and strategies for achieving success. It will also serve as a guide for making important business decisions.
  • Build A Strong Network: Building relationships with other insurance agents, financial advisors, and other professionals can help you expand your client base and gain access to valuable resources.
  • Utilize Technology: Technology can help you streamline your business operations and reach more clients. Consider using a CRM system to manage leads and customer information, and using social media to connect with potential clients.
  • Focus On Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service is key to building a successful home-based insurance business. Make sure your clients feel heard and valued, and respond to their needs promptly.
  • Continuously Educate Yourself: The insurance industry is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on new products, regulations, and industry trends. Take continuing education courses, attend industry events, and read trade publications to stay informed.
  • Be Persistent: Building a home-based insurance business takes time and effort. Don’t give up if you face challenges or setbacks. Stay focused on your goals and keep working towards success.

Marketing And Sales Strategies For A Home-Based Insurance Business

As an insurance broker, I can tell you that if you want to be a successful home-based insurance business, not only do you need to be in compliance with state laws and regulations, but you also need to have an effective marketing and sales strategy. 

Based On My Professional Experience, Here Are My Top Marketing And Sales Strategies: 

  • Build A Strong Online Presence: Having a website and social media accounts for your business can help you reach more potential clients. 
  • Engage Your Audience: Make sure your website is easy to navigate, visually appealing and provides helpful information about your products and services. Use social media to engage with your target market, share helpful tips and industry news, and build relationships.
  • Networking: Network, network, network. Networking is key to building a successful home-based insurance business. Attend local events, join industry groups and associations, and connect with other insurance professionals. 

These connections can help you build your client base and gain industry knowledge.

  • Develop Referral Partnerships: Referral partnerships can be a powerful tool for growing your home-based insurance business. Identify other businesses or professionals that serve the same target market as you, such as financial advisors or real estate agents, and develop a referral partnership with them. This can help you reach new clients and expand your business.
  • Use Email Marketing: Email marketing can be an effective way to reach potential clients and keep existing clients engaged. Create a list of prospective clients and send them regular newsletters with helpful information, industry news and special offers.
  • Offer Free Consultations: Offering free consultations can be an effective way to build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Use these consultations as an opportunity to educate potential clients about the value of your products and services.
  • Leverage Technology: There are many tools available that can help you run your home-based insurance business more efficiently. For example, using a CRM system can help you keep track of clients and leads, and automating your marketing and sales processes can save you time and resources.


As a licensed insurance agent, I can tell you that selling insurance from home is a viable option for licensed agents, but they must comply with state regulations and set up a compliant home office. Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of a home-based insurance business is crucial, as well as developing effective marketing and sales strategies to attract and retain customers. With the right approach, a home-based insurance business can be a rewarding and successful venture.

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